Your Choice Viewers' Wives #60

Released at: February 5, 2012 by Your Choice Productions
Your Choice is pleased to present a special landmark edition of Your Choice Viewers' Wives! Starring real amateurs of all ages shapes and sizes - with and without their randy partners! Willowy blonde MILF Lee is respendant in her sexy red undies and natural stockings. The Leeds housewife sits on her neatly made bed and begins to take some time for herself. Tweaking her tiny tits, caressing her bald pussy until she is ready to try out her new, highly effective designer vibrator which has her literally writhing in ecstasy. Lee slides a sneaky finger into her arsehole to tease herself. Naughty, nature-loving nymph Tracey is not afraid to get naked outdoors in the leafy forests of Hampshire, rather she relishes it. Her tiny tits are like little gourmet delicacies, just a small mouthful, but so exquisitely sweet. She walks through the woods and gives us a glimpse of her shrubbery, then whips off her skirt and piddles on the ground. Go girl! We see many parked cars, so this girl is really taking a risk of bumping into some family and their dog coming 'round the corner which makes the whole scene so edgy. Perching on a pile of logs she masturbates, spread thighed, to a knee-trembling orgasm. Tracey continues her walk, making frequent masturbation and increasingly powerful urination stops. Emma and Claire are two young lesbian lovers from Liverpool. Claire is dressed as a Soubrette as she gently takes the lead and helps to loosen Emma's School Uniform and remove her panties. Their passionate kissing blossoms into quite a kinky explosion of gently intense female lust. Back down South in Basingstoke, Kim visits Beth the masseuse for a good rub down. Kim has fancied Beth for years and decides that now is her time to make a move on the voluptuous vixen of her dreams. Beth responds with enthusiasm and unleashes her collection of buzzing toys. Kim is in the middle of the biggest orgasm ever when Beth's Husband comes home...Panic! Beth and Daren have been married for six years. He's always horny and now Beth is fully aroused from her encounter with big cuddly Kim. Daren thinks his birthday has come early and after some feverish fooling around, Daren cums - twice! South London is home to attractive teenage couple Keely and Declan. Declan begins nervously kissing his love. The urgency of youth gets the better of Declan's fat dick and he cums quite quickly into Keely's sweet mouth. He's immediately ready to go again leaving Keely jizzy-faced for a second time and then carries on without even catching his breath! What an impressive stud this boy is. A vibrator makes Keely pee gently, liquids seeping from her young cunt making it all juicy and ready for her unstoppable lover. Megan is a XXL true beauty. Just twenty years old, Megan hails from the Teeside area. Two studs fuck her in quick succession, still hungry, Megan gets out her giant black dildo and crams it up her throbbing vagina. Thrusting it home good and hard until she erupts in ecstatic climax. Jenny is in her fifties, but she can still rock a sexy outfit with her petite, slender body. She rouses Woody who sleeps on the sofa, with a nice cup of tea followed up immediately by a spot of cock worship. Nuzzling her face next to his warm belly, she sucks his dick as though it were made of honey. Woody rewards his wife with a pussy full of hot man-goo. Pretty Daisy is a delightful hippy chick from Berkshire. Under the direction of the cameraman, she awkwardly removes her clothes and foreplays with herself. Luckily there is a hard-hung stud in the vicinity and she gets a good shagging and joyfully receives a faceful of frothing masculine spume. Chantelle is a typical Essex Chavess. The cheeky minx is busy washing the window, when she gets the sexy idea that it would be fun to press up her big round boobies up against the window, giving her boyfriend Charles and excellent eyeful. Of course he gives her a jolly good rogering and zaps her fleshy cleavage with his hot spunk. Irena and Tony are in their early fifties and lifestyle swingers based in beautiful Brighton. Their new best friend is a good looking older guy called Mark, and Irena can hardly keep her hands off him. Irena really is a nymphomaniac, she oozes sex from every pore of her skin - every centimeter of her well maintained body cries out for carnal pleasure and she luxuriates in her shower of hot double-spunkage. BONUS WINNER Audacious Audrey is a confident young slut who wears her laddered and holey fishnet stockings with a certain perverse pride. Quite pretty once she has take her specs off, and bloody gorgeous when she's got her huge natural breasts out and has jiggled her pussy to super-wet mode. With the help of her battery-driven friend, Audrey has a deeply satisfying orgasm. She has such a natural, innocent look but is a perfect minx!

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Lee (II)

Scene2: 00:13:39 - 00:38:06 (24:27)

Scene3: 00:38:07 - 00:48:52 (10:45)

Scene4: 00:48:53 - 00:59:14 (10:21)

Scene5: 00:59:15 - 01:09:00 (9:45)

Scene6: 01:09:01 - 01:24:20 (15:19)



Scene7: 01:24:21 - 01:36:26 (12:05)



Scene8: 01:36:27 - 01:49:26 (12:59)


Woody, Jenny

Scene9: 01:49:27 - 01:59:21 (9:54)

Scene10: 01:59:22 - 02:09:20 (9:58)

Scene11: 02:09:21 - 02:26:05 (16:44)



Scene12: 02:26:06 - 02:38:51 (12:45)