Young & Delicious

Released at: June 9, 2021 by Double Teamed Teens
Theyre young and delicious, just as the title suggests, and whats more theyve also got a bit of an addiction for hard cock. Good news for everyone, it seems, given that thats exactly the kind of thing we all like from our slutty porn stars. However, dont for one minute think that these beauties will ever be satisfied with just one dick to play with. No, theyre not really satisfied unless theyve got double the quantity; and theyre not happy unless theyve got one dick in their pussy and another pounding away at their arse. Of course, it all makes for perfect porn viewing, and were quite sure the legion of DP-fans out there will be merrily jerking away to the perverse action ensued. All neatly wrapped up with a plethora of pent-up jizz!

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Mandy Dee

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