Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Released at: August 5, 2009 by Fatal Femdom Movies
Gemini is the leader of a group called C.E.F.S. - Coalition of Elite Femme Supremacists, which is located in the remote hills of Los Angeles. We rescued a non-suspecting driver from a terrible car wreck and saved him from dying; and because of which, he must repay us, but not with money! Waking up out of coma, the driver finds himself completely encased in bandages unable to move in bondage and confused. After briefing him of his predicament, I tell him the way it is going to be for the duration of his time here - he will submit to our testing for the betterment of the female race. A predilection for bondage & sensory deprivation, rubber vacuum bed, cock & ball tease, verbal interaction, piercing, sounds, prostate exam, and penis tease with pump can all be found in this video.

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Scene1: 00:00:24 - 00:19:26 (19:02)

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