World Sex Tour 12

Released at: May 29, 2001 by Anabolic Video
Horny cock sucker Jackie happily fucks and sucks Sean Michaels and Mark Davis, takes both their cocks in her pussy at the same time, licks ass hole, and then eats their cum. What a girl! Exotic Cherey has a romantic stream side Sexual adventure with Sean, does a little Anal in the rain and finally eats his hot load. Very sweet and petite (and innocent?) Jennifer looks like she lives to suck cock, as she and Mark Davis do the horizontal mambo outside in the rain. Hairy legged, Costa Rican Ass licker Fabiola gets the fucking of her life as Mark and Sean show her how much fun threeways can be. Sexy Brunette Karina takes Sean Michaels' massive manhood for a test drive and a good time is had by all! Stephanie & Nicole were so hot in volume 6 we had to shot another scene with them so here they are! Stephanie is so cute attempting a cum swap (and then gagging) you really have to see her to fully appreciate her gallant effort! These girls are 100% first time video virgins (except the last scene), they all did a great job, and definitely increased our lust for Latin lovelies! Thanks for watching! Christopher Alexander

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