Wild West Party Girls

Released at: August 25, 2003 by GM Video
Ahhh, Summer Time. Who doesn't love the Sun, Sand and all the Hot Pussy! And the best place to find such things is in Beautiful Southern California. With a Beer in one hand, Camera in the other, and an amazing Yacht at our disposal, you know the fun is just getting started! We drop-in on one of San Diego's Biggest Beach Parties to see if we can't find some Nasty little Beach Bunnies to join us on the boat and get Nakes. And in typical GM fashion, We Score Big! Next thing we know they're Naked, the film is rolling, and Everyone is having a Blast!!! See why GM not only stands On-Top when it comes to Hot Amateur Action, but knows how to Party as well! Up-Close and In-Your-Face!

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