Wild Inside

Released at: December 15, 2014 by Vivid Premium
James is a mild-mannered bank vice president, who occasionally steals an extra newspaper, dines and dashes, and cheats a little on his taxes... he's a closet rebel. Lulu is a free-spirited girl who breaks into houses, steals cars and hearts in equal measure, and apologizes for nothing. When Lulu meets James, they bring out each other's shadow side, leading them on a sexual adventure far from James' straight-laced life, and into a dangerous world that includes Lulu's fresh-out-of-prison-Husband, Ray. David Stanley presents a multi-layered drama, with a story as highly charged as its sex, with an insane threeway, all-natural beauties, and facials galore. Open it up... It's ~~Wild Inside~~.

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Richie, Ava Jay

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