Wife's Special Arrangement

Released at: December 16, 2022 by Girlsway
Diana Grace is a book reviewer, and she doesn't seem easy to please. She is working at her desk when Erin Everheart suddenly comes in, looking upset. Erin explains that she is the writer of a lesbian romance novel that Diana gave a bad review of. Erin accuses Diana of not understanding the book because she's straight. But Diana insists she doesn't need to be a lesbian to see that the book was terrible. Things get hot and heavy between the two. Kuleana is looking forward to a romantic evening with her wife, but then is disappointed when her wife has to work late, again. A little while later, Kuleana comes home with another woman, Skye Blue. Skye is a bit nervous about being with a married woman, but Kuleana assures her that everything is really okay. It's clear they both need some relief, thanks to her **Wife's Special Arrangement**. Girlfriends, Jaye Summers and Isabella Nice, sneak into an empty classroom, holding hands and looking mischievous as they scout it out. The ladies begin heavily making out and feeling each other up on the teacher's desk. Teacher Sofi Ryan catches them. Since she secretly thinks the girls are hot, she offers to let them use her classroom, if they let her join in too.

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