West End Facesitters

Released at: August 11, 2009 by Roman Video
Heidi Mayne in wonderful POV. She shaked her cheeks as they engulf your head and she damands you plant your lips on her asshole. She cruelly berates you for being such a pathetic bitch as she diddles her pussy before your eyes. Then she releases naughty slave Aaron from his closet prison cell, and drags him by his leash to her office where she sits on his face while checking her email. Slave Aaron struggles for oxygen as she repeatedly forgets to let him breathe. Then to the bedroom for an intense session of **facesitting** and **reverse facesitting.** Heidi slaps him in the head for insolent behavior. She makes him thank her asshole for letting him lick it. She rubs her clit while he laps her holes and she erupts in a bed shaking orgasm.

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Scene1: 00:00:29 - 00:29:05 (28:36)


Scene2: 00:29:06 - 01:00:04 (30:58)