Weekends At Grandpas 5

Released at: September 19, 2016 by Desperate Pleasures
Hope Harper ------------------------ Last week was my graduation and I was super excited. The night before the ceremony my grandfather invited me out for a special celebration. I started imagining dinner with my grandfather and my thoughts started getting naughty. When Grandpa picked me up from the ceremony I was really excited to see him. We had a great dinner and headed back to his place for a celebratory nightcap. Before we even got out of the car grandpa and I were carrying on like newlyweds. Grandpa took me inside and took care of my pussy better than any boy I've ever dated. Krystal Orchid ------------------------- On my 18th birthday, Grandpa called and invited me to dinner. While getting dressed I couldn't help but touch myself and wonder if he felt the same. After a yummy dinner we went back to grandpas for my "present". We toasted and kissed and then Grandpa pulled up my dress and nibbled my naughty spot. He made me cum right there in the kitchen then he undressed me and stripped before leading me to the couch. All the while, I couldn't believe I was going to fuck my Grandpa but when I saw his cock for the first time all my reservations went right out the window! Freya von Doom ------------------------------- After my 18th birthday I took a special intern position at my grandfathers agency. Little did I know my grandfather was getting frisky with half the cheerleaders that wanted to be models. They were getting all the attention I deserved. The next day when he came in I was dressed like a cheerleader just for him. I could tell I caught his eye so I boldly put myself in place of his date for the night. After dinner grandpa took me back to his house and we started making out in his corvette. He took me inside and pleasured me like the naughty granddaughter I am.

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