Volume KP 129 - Kitten's Fourway

Released at: August 26, 2009 by Kandi Peach Productions
This video is from Kitten's very first trip to New Orleans. I have to admit that people really let their hair down when they come here for a visit. The video starts off with Kitten in our courtyard. Keep in mind that this was not my idea, it was Kittens. She said to me one morning, "it's so nice I think I'd like to masturbate in your courtyard". I said no problem. You can tell that Kitten really gets into it as her chest flushes red during her orgasm. Next we hosted a small gangbang party for Kitten. We had three guys present and Kitten was really looking forward to it! We started off on the bed and basically just pounced on her. Kitten was in heaven as we all took turns pounding our cocks in her and face fucking her. One by one the first two guys came all over her. Then I (Sinclair) jumped back in. Kitten sucked me off until I was rock hard. I fucked her in all sorts of positions until I unloaded a huge cumshot all over her face, in her mouth and in her hair. Kitten of course sucked my cock clean afterwards!

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