Virgin Stories Vol. 14

Released at: April 2, 2001 by Dane Productions
Welcome to another issue of VIRGIN STORIES. We have one of the hottest issues yet in store for you horny pornhounds. We have a bevy of fresh, young pussy that will leave your cocks harder than tempered steel. Our first scene has the fresh, cute Canadian newcummer, Venetia. She tells of her first encounter with an older man who thought her not only the ways of the world, but also that in life you pay for your mistakes. Venetia is a raw, new talent whose relative inexperience in the business and obvious youth is a plus for you. Our next scene has a couple of co-eds, Tammy and Felony, who have let a game of truth or dare to get out of hand...A situation that leads to their first lesbian experience. Scene Three has the newcummer Martin telling of her virgin experience. Her school has a fundraiser that has her going door to door selling cookies. Her lecherous neighbor takes full advantage of her situation. Our final scene has girlish Kate Foster reliving her first time. She tells of her boyfriend busting her cherry on Make-Out Hill. All in all, another steaming hot issue. We have been busting our asses to give you guys a complete show to go along with the hot sex scenes and beautiful schoolgirls. We recently added Beta SP cameras to our shoots to ensure that sound quality and video clarity are at their peak. Our budgets have risen considerably to make sure that you, the viewer, are getting the best product that we can put out... That's my commitment to you guys watching. I will give 110% always... No matter what!!!

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Scene2: 00:29:11 - 00:49:23 (20:12)



Scene3: 00:49:25 - 01:09:26 (20:01)

Scene4: 01:09:29 - 01:29:43 (20:14)


Kate Frost