Victim Of The Vibrations

Released at: April 12, 2022 by Anton Video
Innocent young Danni is hanging out at home, excited that her parents are out of town. She's unaware that burglar Jolene has broken in. She ties Danni up with tape and gags her mouth. Left alone, Danni squirms and struggles but can not get free. When Jolene returns, she can't resist her hot bound girl and begins fondling and groping her. Danni resists but her moans of protest soon turn into moans of pleasure. Jolene takes Danni, still tied and gagged, to her mom's closet. She finds a big vibrator and taunts Danni with it. Danni ends up bound to a chair with a ballgag in her mouth. Jolene teases her, pressing the vibrator against Danni's hard nipples. Then, she ties it to Danni's leg, pressing it against her crotch. She turns it on and leaves Danni alone. Danni can't move much but her body tenses up and she moans as the vibrator buzzes away. Dani's moans become louder and louder as the vibrator stimulates her. Jolene returns and removes the gag so she can hear Danni's pleasure. Danni squirms and moans till she cums hard. When Jolene returns, she finds Danni untied...and masturbating! HOT!

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