Up and Cummers 57

Released at: June 22, 2001 by Randy West Productions
Sana Fey had a hot new girl named Claudia Chase who never had sex with a girl before and wanted Sana Fey to be the first. Man, did she like it! And when they were done they still had enough left to fuck the shit out of me. And they were awesome! Sexy Alana had a fantasy of having sex with me and her husband Alan. It turned out to be everybody's fantasy. What a sex machine she is. She loved it!! One of the sweetest college girls I ever shot was Nellie Pierce. So innocent but so sexy, with a beautiful body, flawless skin and a pretty face. And amazingly she wanted it in the ass too! Had to cum twice!! And speaking of beautiful and cumming twice, I had to bring Kalena back for an oral cum shot and she wanted me to cum on her ass too! What a hottie!! Randy West

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