Up and Cummers 50

Released at: July 7, 1999 by Randy West Productions
Real-Life College Cuties! The Twins: Continued! First-Time Anal In An S.U.V.! The twins are back to finish off what they started, and they finish me off good - one jerks me off into her sister's mouth. Man, that was hot! Leah Stevenson is a real cute 18-year-old college student whose favorite course is intercourse, especially anal. She wants me to cum in her ass, so of course I do (wouldn't you?). Jennae Dess is 5'9" with big tits, long legs and a killer ass. She always has fantasized about doing porn and now she gets her chance. She gets a dick in the ass for the first time and she lets me cum in her pussy...what a sweetheart! Leanni Lei is back, and this time she demanded two men at once. By the time Vince and Marc are done with her, she can barely stand up! Especially after a double cumshot to the face! She loved it! You will too, I guarantee. -Randy West

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