Up and Cummers 38

Released at: August 15, 2001 by Randy West Productions
Red-hot Chandler has found me a white-hot Brazilian girl named Andrea Wolfe. Let's just say that this scene must be seen if it's to be believed. It's too hot and way too much for just one tape. Tyler shows us why Navy girls are called waves. She makes waves all over me & Frank Towers...including some submarining in her ass and a wet internal cum-shot. Sabrina is a one of a kind, a one time only winner. She's simply adorable, yet she's as hot as a Latina can get. And Brad shows her anal pleasure full blast. Another must see! Oh, yeah. I forgot to show you Silk's favorite position last time: doggie. And she loves it when I splatter her ass. Christina is a European beauty who would not do boy-girl but she is so pretty you won't mind watching her strip & finger herself to an immense orgasm. Why don't you join her? -Randy West

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