Up and Cummers 32

Released at: December 3, 1999 by Randy West Productions
Kianna Bradley is something special. In her debut video, she gets to live out three of her biggest fantasies! This girls has STAR written all over her. She is one sexy babe! After a long day on the tennis courts, gorgeous Claudia and Linda relax with some indoor girl-girl sports. It's definitely a love set between these two sexy blondes. When Denver's own Morgan Fairlane comes to L.A., you better believe she comes! Vince Voyeur and Mr. Marcus teach her the pleasures of 3-way sex. Guess what? She teaches them a few things about pleasure right back, especially when she takes it in the ASS! Isabella's trip to L.A. from the Dominican Republic was short, but she made me long, if you know what I mean. Getting to fuck her was great, and man, she gives a new meaning to the word blowjob! You gotta see it!

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