Up and Cummers 29

Released at: May 13, 1999 by Randy West Productions
Vince really brought me a winner - Stephanie Swift! This is a must for her fans, cause now you get to see what she's REALLY like. At this point Stephanie had only been doing videos for a week, and she complained that she wasn't allowed to have any real orgasms. Well lucky Vince got to benefit from all that stored up sexual energy. Stephanie goes off on him, and let me tell you, she's got the moves. Gorgeous Swedish import Linda Thoren is incredible. She's 18 years old and primed for sex! She drove me so crazy, I couldn't hold back. Alyssa and I have waited 6 months to have sex, and when we finally do, it's explosive! She gets so hot, she lets me put it in her ass, and I reward her by giving her an internal cumshot. She loved it! Finally, two girls from Texas came by for an interview, and they were so cute, I had to get them to take off their clothes and interview my cock!

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