Released at: October 18, 2005 by TLA Releasing
An angry young man confronts alienation, retribution and loyalty to family in this riveting thriller. As tender as it is hard-hitting, ~~Uno~~ tells the tale of young bodybuilding and streetwise tough, David (unflinchingly portrayed by writer-director **Aksel Hennie**). David's home life is unbearable: His mother is falling apart, his father is dying, and he is forced to care for his brother with Down's syndrome. But David has everything under control, and he's the go-to guy at the run-down gym where he works. When his thuggish boss' son is caught trafficking illegal steroids and all his co-workers are questions, David is forced to choose between allegiance to family or friends. With a gritty visual style and powerhouse performances, ~~Uno~~ marks the scintillating filmmaking debut of one of Norway's biggest stars.

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