University Co-eds 31

Released at: September 24, 2001 by Dane Productions
Welcome, to another issue of **UNIVERSITY CO-EDS**. We have a blazing hot issue. Fresh, brand new young girls, great production values, and just enough tease for the mind fuck that you're looking for. After jerking off to this show, your balls will be drier than a popcorn fart.... Guaranteed!!! Out first scene has Kate Frost telling of an erotic experience that occurred during a photo shoot. The delectable teener Sabrina Jade, whose pleasant personality, along with her all-American schoolgirl looks, was a pleasure to have on the show. She recalls a dream with her favorite doll. A doll whose passions transcended the barriers of plastic and human flesh Our next scene stars newcummer Candy and the fresh new bopper Ayla. Ayla has the perfect combination of flat titties and budding curves. While Candy is the opposite. She has huge titties and a voluptuous ass to match. Ayla talks about meeting her boyfriends family for the first time, and the events that lead up to her seduction by his sister and a night of lesbian passion. Our final scene of the show has new cummer Danielle Rush telling of her situation with Jonny law here in the states. I could write a novel about the sweet ass Danielle Rush has on her. Believe me, she is hot, and her ass is legendary.. All in all, another great issue that I have put my heart and soul into to ensure that you guys are getting quality porn-not just the regular schlock that floods the market.

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Scene1: 00:01:12 - 00:21:08 (19:56)


Kate Frost

Scene2: 00:21:11 - 00:42:58 (21:47)

Scene3: 00:43:02 - 01:05:01 (21:59)



Scene4: 01:05:05 - 01:24:19 (19:14)