University Co-eds 22

Released at: January 1, 2000 by Dane Productions
Welcome to another edition of University Co-eds. We have a line-up of fresh schoolgirl pussy that will leave you foaming at the mouth like a rabid hound dog. Our opening scene has the fabulous newcomer Jeannie Rivers and equally hot Nina. These two naughty girls show us poor horny bastards how to get an aerobic workout. Jeannie Rivers had a hot schoolgirl ass and titties that just wouldn't quit. During shooting, my dick was so hard, I had to wait two days before my cock went down... I still get dizzy thinking about her sweet pussy. Our next scene has the voluptuous Adrianna Sage, a co-ed doing her first scene for us. She tells of an ex-boyfriend who refuses to give up. After a taste of her fresh pussy, he didn't want any other girl. He refuses to let go and pays the price because in her first scene, she shows us how co-eds really fuck... Believe me, the scene is breathtaking. The third scene has the newcomer Lauren Silver working with a real obnoxious performer. Our own Hershel Savage, who is just being Hershel Savage. The final scene has the Italian beauty Kurious telling us about her driver's test with a tough examiner whom she seduces. After fucking her hot, wet pussy, he goes from giving her a failing grade to a passing one. After the scene, she claimed it was the best sex she had ever had. All in all, another great show. As usual, we worked our butts off in pre-production production, and post to ensure you the best quality. Thanks again, for all your support.

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