Uncle Jack's Taboo Fantasies

Released at: April 20, 2020 by Desperate Pleasures
Uncle Jack was at home when his niece Courtney Loxxx showed up. Courtney is a lovely girl, good student, she has all the good stuff going on but she's a little on the shy side. Courtney wants a car and she's already got the car picked out. Problem is she can't afford it so what's a girl to do? The solution... go see Uncle Jack. Kendra Lynn has a new condo. She was showing me the view and I thought I'd experiment a little. Kendra is certain nobody can see us up there but I'm not so sure. But she's gorgeous with a great butt, perfect boobs, and the prettiest smile so I didn't care. This magnificent girl is so sexy and she can cum and cum and cum some more. Madelyn Rose was discussing her future with her Uncle Jack. He was concerned she didn't have direction. She likes dancing and sex and decided she'd show her uncle how good she is at both! Madelyn showed Uncle Jack a couple dance steps. He was impressed but it wasn't until she started dancing on his cock that he knew she was really talented!

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