Ultimate Nylon Vol. 5

Released at: December 27, 2005 by Bob's Videos
Crissy Moran dangles her sensible 3 inch dress heels all day at work, whether she's on the phone or busy at her desk. Her heel slips out and her shoe wiggles precariously on the tip of her reinforced nylon toe. Later she shows off a lot more of herself, and under her black dress you discover black lingerie and soft black classic nylons, not to mention some soft juicy places. Avery Adams sits on a high stool and crosses and recrosses her legs, honey brown nylon glistening and sparkling in the sunlight and hissing in delight every time her legs rub together. She later puts her feet up on the large picture window and you get a bird's eye view at her shiny limbs against the glass. Holly Morgan is an adorably cute strawberry blonde, all dressed up in a pretty skirt and blouse and wearing coffee bean R H & T nylons and new heels, which cause her to slip them on and off playfully. Her teasy leg show leads her to the couch where things get even more interesting. Lots of sexy peeks... a few moments of direct heat... and enough dangling to thrill the aficionado.

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