Released at: January 24, 2019 by California Star Productions
Excuse me sir; employees have a habit of wanting to talk to you when you are up to your neck in paperwork. "Yes what is it girl?" he says lifting his eyes in anticipation. "Well, I have been working for some time now, and I thought, maybe, it was time for me tot get a raise in salary." Now you're pissed! And it's a Monday to boot. "Oh you do, do you? Well if I give you a raise, then I have to give everyone else a raise. Nothing doing kiddo." Such a lovely young girls, she is worth a little more salary. "Ill cut a deal with you. I like a little slap and tickle, which could earn you extra cash. What do you say? She looked at him uncertainly, but reluctantly agreed. "Lets have a trial run: He tickles her in all her ticklish spots and she quite enjoys it. He starts to undress her and when she is naked he grabs her and binds her with rope to his office chair, and leaves her there to struggle trying to get free s he closes his office door behind him. To tell you more would be letting you into the plot. Sorry, no can do. Well maybe I can tell you what is said at the end of the movie "IO don't pay anyone for sitting around tied up, naked and doing nothing. You're fired!"

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