TV's Greatest Parody Hits

Released at: December 22, 2009 by X-Play
Classic Television...XXX Style! Includes ~~Not The Bradys XXX Maricia, Marcia, Marcia ~~ Marcia has a big crush on pop idol, Danny Jones but things turn sticky when TeenPop Magazine reports she sent him her dirty panties in the mail. Grounded and fearing her life is ruined, Danny comes to her rescue as wild blowjobs, slippery pussy licking & crazy fucking make this a hilarious XXX spoof of the 1970s classic TV show! ~~Not Married WIth Children XXX ~~ Al fears his job is in jeopardy so Kelly gets involved in a sexually explicit blackmail scheme to get his co-worker fired. Gorgeous tits, ass and pussy abound in the Bundy household as Peg, Kelly, Al, Bud, Marcie & Steve can't stop fucking in this dirty spoof of the classic show Tv show. ~~Not Three's Company XXX~~ When Jack loses his restaurant job the gang can't afford rent so Chrissy picks up a night job leading Janet, Jack & the Ropers to think she's become a hooker. Crazy, hilarious & dirty situations result in non-stop sucking & fucking as gorgeous tits, ass & pussy abound in this hardcore spoof of the classic '70s TV show. ~~Not Bewitched XXX~~ Darren & Samantha have a big problem when Aunt Clara can't undo a spell that turns little Tabitha into an 18 year old cutie. All hell breaks loose when nosy neighbors, the boss & the police arrive. Wild sex, dirty witchcraft, perfect tits, ass and pussy abound in this hilarious XXX spoof of the 1960s classic TV show. ~~Not Monday Night Football XXX~~ Get ready, Guys! The creator's of Not The Bradys XXX and Not Married with Children XXX are bringing your favorite American pastime to you, XXX style! Watch gorgeous babes fighting over balls, getting down and dirty and scoring non-stop! Kick the season off right and let the games begin! ~~ Not The Cosbys XXX~~ The creators of Not The Brady's XXX are back and taking TV to the next level with this over-the-top spoof of one of the most watched shows in history! Grab a puddin' pop and watch Porn's version of the Huxtables go WILD!

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Sasha Grey

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