TV Repair

Released at: May 11, 2012 by Billie West Productions
Mica just got home from work and her old TV is on the blink. She is sitting on the couch waiting for the TV repairman to come and fix her TV. Finally he shows up and cannot fix her TV because it is too old. So since he cannot service her TV he decides to service her. He takes off his shirt and his pants hit the floor as Mica eagerly takes his soft cock in her mouth. Getting him big and hard he bends her over the couch and starts to fuck her hard and deep. Then he sits on the couch and she straddles him fucking him deep and hard with her ass to the camera spreading her asshole wide for the camera. After some great pounding her pulls out and squirts his cum all over her ass. She dismounts and gives his cock a great suck. His cell phone rings and he has to answer another call leaving her hot and naked on the couch. Still hot and horney Mica fingers her wet swollen cunt to a great orgasm. Some great close-ups of her tight pink pussy and tight asshole in this hot DVD.

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