Transexual Who Ate The Crossdresser 2

Released at: September 7, 2009 by Randy De Troit
A sweet Transexual saunters down the steps from her job, but she's out to lunch, man is she out to lunch. And she's about to launch upon an excursion of no turning back. She will eat her man's meat for lunch and then take it further. She goes back to his pad on the strip and proceeds to get undressed for the camera. She is the sub today cause she likes her man to get with the program and stuff some hot barbecue up her pretty cup cakes. She takes it all off now and gets comfy with his joint in her mouth. And she starts to smoke his salami and take it all in. He is rock hard and slams his salami into her backside with a vengeance. She loves it big and hard between her legs. She screams with delight that the size keeps growing and goes in deeper. Her boyfriend sticks her little stick pussy between his lips and blows hot air on her. She smiles cause he's taking care of his baby too. Her tiny fine ass is the key here, the feminine ways and walk and talk with a sexy sweet sounding high pitched girlish voice. He starts pumping fresh beef now in her mish and he can see her face better. They start talking lovers talk cause that's what keeps them going and moving to the next round. He turns her to the side, right into the lens of the camera straight shot cause he's massive in her here. She's swaying to the rhythm and riding low cause her man is getting hotter by the minute. SO now he's spitting his cum hot and heavy right on her pussy hole and sticky pussy. It drips down all over her and she likes it!

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