Trans Fluid 2

Released at: April 7, 2022 by Gender X Films
Rosalyn Sphinx has always wanted to fuck her trans neighbor Erica Cherry but Erica has always been a little resistant. After all Rosalyn just wants to mess around with everyone and might only be wanting to do this cause she has not had any good sex with men lately. Not to be turned down Rosalyn puts on the full court press as she makes her move on Erica. Kissing her and talking dirty to her she is literally begging to see what Erica has for her. Erica pulls out her rock hard cock and immediately Rosalyn is sucking it. Such a big cock this girl has and she puts it to good use on this horny little cis girl. Lots of oral and ass eating steam up the gym as the two get down and nasty. Erica is loving fucking Rosalyn as the girl is cumming over and over on her cock. Soon Erica blasts her with a load of sweet trans fluid. Victoria Voxxx has hooked up with an amazingly hot trans woman while on a trip to LA. Now she has to go home but Eva Maxim is making it very hard on her leaving as Eva wants her to stay. It's quite the dilemma to be in but Victoria tells her she has to go home and she can visit. So Eva decides to give her a going away fuck she won't soon forget. It's hot and heavy as they perform oral on each other, lots of ass eating and Eva fucking Victoria all over the place. Even Victoria gets it going as she fucks Eva's tight ass with a toy. Both girls have massive orgasms. Rockie Emerson is in heaven. She cannot believe her luck. Being a six foot two cis female she has had a hard time finding partners her height. Finding Tori Easton on a dating app has her quite excited. Tori on the other hand is a little nervous as she has never been with a cis woman before. But this tall Rockie is such a turn on and so sweet. When Rockie comes back into the room she knows sparks are going to fly. Rockie is really enjoying seducing Tori as she worships her body and sucks her cock. Tori is really enjoying eating Rockie out as well. Soon Tori is rock hard and fucking Tori's gorgeous little pussy. Tori returns the favor by probing Tori's tight ass with a toy. Bringing Tori to an orgasm is Rockies' goal and she is quite proud to accomplish it. Apparently April Olsen was a little aggressive with Emma Rose in front of her boyfriend the other night. How could April help it. Emma is so hot. So the next day the two girls are talking to each other on the phone and getting hornier and hornier. This phone sex is not working. They have to meet in person. So Emma heads over to April's house. Emma cannot get enough of Aprils sweet pussy to lick and April is relishing the cock and ass of Emma. Emma just has to put her girl cock into that wet pussy of April and is soon enjoying the fruits of her hard on. But Emma needs something big and hard in her ass and lucky for her April is the strap on queen and delivers up a serious ass blasting on Emma. What a great afternoon this turned into.

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