Traditional College Punishment - Classic Series #11

Released at: March 17, 2011 by California Star Productions
Here is a special treat for devotees of discipline, a double bill of fare. Our first presentation is a charming story of a curious young coed named Penny, who while visiting her Uncle Sidney discovers a collection of spanking videotapes. Her uncle refuses to let her view them. However, he does consent to give her a demonstration, an over-the-knee spanking. Now her curiosity has really been aroused! This impudent young lady is used to having her way. She'll not relent until she has received her full treatment, including a bare bottom caning. Then she may discover what Uncle Sidney's bottle of soothing skin cream is for. Professor Hutchins was looking forward to a quiet evening at home when he got an urgent call from Mrs. Bromley. Her daughter Sandra is a problem student, and schools are not allowed to administer discipline nowadays. What is she to do? Reluctantly, the Professor agrees to deal with the problem "off the record" in the privacy of his own home. It's a shame such an attractive girl must suffer the agonizing humiliation of a limber cane across her bare bottom. And the professor must spend his time turning her round rump bright red. He was hoping to spend the evening reviewing his stamp collection. But Mrs. Bromley is such a good friend.

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