Torturred Schoolgirls

Released at: January 18, 2002 by Legend
The girls at the Youngstown Reform School think they're pretty touch, but Headmistress Tara has a rather severe method of breaking them. It involves the application of any number of her wicked canes to their bare, naked, tender buns. Students Fiona and Mei Ling sneak into the mistress' office, trash it and smoke cigarettes ( putting the butts out on the floor.) When Tara discovers the, their cute girlish asses receive a violent dose of caning they'll not soon forget. Finally, a new girl arrives at the school. Cute, slutty, 18 year old biker chick Arianna. It's a battle of wills between her and the headmistress until Tara bares the young girl's perfectly shaped buttocks and we hear the whir and crack of her wicked cane striking tender, young butt flesh. Suddenly, cute, curvaceous Arianna ain't so tough.

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