Too Big For Teens 2

Released at: October 27, 2009 by Reality Junkies
**Ally Ann** Chris the mechanic fixed Ally's car, but what she wasn't expecting was the price of the repair. Ally is smart though she bartered her pussy for the repair. **Eden Adams** Eden has a big crush on a dreamy basketball player named Chris. She decides to play a little game of horse and whoever wins gets to fuck her. **Mindy Lynn** Mindy orders pizza from Jack but realizes she doesn't have cash only credit cards. They only credit that Jake takes is one that involves bumping uglies. ** Missy Stone** Missy is tired of John always playing video games, she convinces him that scoring with her is better than scoring on the TV screen. ** Misty Rivers** Misty like all teen girls want a cute little tattoo. She goes down to Joey's tattoo studio only to get scared of the needle. Joey comforts her with his own fleshy needle.

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Scene1: 00:05:09 - 00:28:40 (23:31)

Scene2: 00:28:41 - 00:48:57 (20:16)


Ally Ann

Scene3: 00:48:58 - 01:10:24 (21:26)


Eden Adams

Scene4: 01:10:25 - 01:35:19 (24:54)

Scene5: 01:35:20 - 02:02:42 (27:22)


Lindy Lane