Tied and Timid

Released at: January 16, 2014 by Society SM
Zareena is meek, and her personality is very timid. Rightly so anyone would imagine, as Ogre hovers over her, collaring her first and then having a bit of a groping session. He commands her to remove her clothing, and Zareena "timidly" complies. Her wrists are restrained tightly and then stretched overhead, and the gag in her mouth provides the finishing touch. Next comes the whip and Ogre wields it, maneuvering it through the air, reddening her flesh. Nipple clamps are next, and by now, Zareena probably has a good indication of how this shall all go down. She is then spread, the perfect position to bury a dildo in her pussy and Ogre works her cunt before smashing the vibe on her clit. Zareena's day ends as her body tenses while succumbing. Her mistake however, was not obeying her Master completely, so we can only imagine what may come...

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