Ticklish Adventures

Released at: October 4, 2011 by TicklingParadise
**Angel vs. Devil**: See pretty Adrien as the sweet Angel and steamy Celeste as the Devil. They are both trying to influence a troubled soul, when the Devil tells the Angel if she can be completely quiet for 5 minutes, she can have the troubled soul! Of course, the Angel agrees, but she's in for a BIG surprise when she finds herself in the Devil's lair in stocks. The devil lightly strokes Adrien's bare soles while Adrien tries to hold back any laughter... oh, the pained expressions as she tries to keep it together for the sake of saving a soul. The devil has confidence that there's no way Adrien can last 5 minutes... and knows just what to do to get her to crack. And then, once she wins the bet, the fun really begins as Devil Celeste enjoys every minute of her merciless attack on Angel Adrien....and so will you! **Elena's Ticklish Adventure**: Elena is getting married and needs to go for a fitting for her wedding dress. She is a bit bitchy when she finds the dress is too tight. Then each time the fitter tries to fit the dress, he brushes against her and see's how ticklish she is. She gets even angrier and then the fitter decides to teach her a very ticklish lesson. He tricks her into a "special fitting chair", secures her feet and then goes after her bare soles with a vengeance. Great close ups as he strokes her feet with a feather! **Super Woman Caught & Tickled**: Joker sends his 2 best girls (Yosette and Mishel) to capture and tickle tease Super Woman, played by Rosana! Rosana has super sized 10 feet and are they ever ticklish! If you have seen Rosana before, you know she has a wonderful laugh and response and this scene is no exception as she is double teamed by 2 ticklers who are merciless as they tease and taunt her while she is helpless in the stocks. These ticklers are vicious and show no signs of stopping. Super Woman is a super hero who shows no signs of giving in... and so on and on the tickling goes. How long can she take it? **Bobbi & Bambi's Adventure**: Bambi has volunteered her friend, Bobbi, to be a participant at the carnival. What she failed to tell her was that they would be being tickled together. They are seated behind a curtain with just their feet sticking out. They have no idea of what is to come. All of a sudden someone removes their shoes and then, once their lovely soles are exposed and completely at the tickler's mercy out comes the feather. They can't see when it's coming at them, and they don't know when it will end. First Bobbi, then Bambi, then back to Bobbi again. Then he uses his wild fingers to really work them over, one at a time, then both together! Next, he ties their toes together and gives them some more with the electric toothbrush....almost too much for anyone to take!! Amazing close-up shots of these ticklish soles! **Rose's Sensitivity Treatment**: Rose goes to the Doctor (Hollywood) because she needs to desensitize her bare feet so she can stand to get a pedicure. Rose is strapped in the pedicure chair with her arms secured over her head. Hollywood starts her treatment by seeing just how sensitive Rose really is. When she can hardly sit still with just the stroke of a feather, Hollywood knows this will take some "doing"! She gets right to the "treatment" portion with an electric toothbrush which drives Rose crazy. She can hardly stand it at all and wants to stop. But this doctor wants to finish the treatment, despite Rose's pleas to stop. Rose has an amazing laugh and response to any little touch... one of the most ticklish girls we have ever seen and one of her most memorable scenes ever!

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