The Swinging Scene #2

Released at: October 9, 2020 by Television X
Bee & Ian travel across Northampton to meet up with their friends Lexi & John - a couple they have met on one of their many swinging experiences. Bee & Ian discover Fae & Wolfy via one of the various swingers contact magazines available. Fae & Wolfy's kink is combining swinging in a s&m medical room setting equipped with stirrups. Bee & Ian travel to Waterford to meet up with their friends Jo & Pete. They met at a swinger's party & decided ti gave so more fun as a foursome. Bee and Ian discover Becky and James via the internet and pop round to experience the hedonistic pleasures of their adult playroom. A Saints and Sinners evening is on the cards for swinging couples Bee and Ian and Carol and Tom. With the girls dressed as devils the lads soon yield to temptation. All participants +18

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Sexy Carol