The Recognition Of The Great Marquis

Released at: October 30, 2009 by RGE-Films
Spanking stories from the past always appeal to our customers. One time we peek into the headmaster's room; another we find ourselves in a fabulous castle. What about this time? Today we visit a rococo chateau in the days when a peculiar taste - sadomasochism - was starting to emerge (though of course nobody knew the expression then). Lupus Pictures have brought to the screen some of the most interesting stories you've seen, set in many different times and places. Everything you expect is here: this time, you'll see harsh beatings and cruel punishments, the tears and moans of the beaten girls, their shame and nakedness. And as usual, it is all set in an entertaining, exciting story that will make you laugh and forget about the everyday world. Today's story tells of a rakish aristocrat, so decadent that nothing excites him any more. He has everything he wants. Musicians play for him 24 hours a day and pretty maids jump into his bed when he beckons. But even that has lost its excitement. Everything bores him. Until his daughter arrives with her fiancé. They have come from France, which is convulsed by revolution. The fiancé, devoted to the arts, is much disturbed by the uproar and cruelty of the times. You know him. Who might he be? All your questions will be answered in 'The Recognition of the Great Marquis.' All we will say is that you will see three lovely maids beaten on their bottoms. You will enjoy their weeping and pleading. You will see them bound to a bench and tied up and elevated to the ceiling, and you will never forget their nakedness. And last but not least, everything will be spiced with humorous situations and unexpected collisions. The continuous fast action of this new movie by Lupus Pictures will draw you in and never let you go.

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