The Next DIRTY Debutante: Isabel Moon

Released at: March 5, 2021 by Ed Powers Productions
Isabelle Moon has a very sunny disposition. The brunette cutie hails from Colorado and has been in the biz for just about one month. She has had sex with more men off camera than on camera and Ed is pleased to bring her to you in this episode of **The Next Dirty Debutantes** series. It becomes evident real fast that Isabelle knows how to please a man. She lets Ed pinch her nipples, lick her ass and she even talks a little dirty before milking Ed's cock for all the cum he is worth leaving both of them with a big smile on their faces. **Bonus Trailer:** This episode includes a bonus trailer for the **The Next Dirty Debutantes** series featuring a bevy of beauties Ed has introduced to you over the years. It is an impressive group and Ed remembers everyone one of them. **Bonus Scenes:** Ed is sharing bonus footage of his latest discovery Vanessa Vyne. She was featured in 2020's The Next Dirty Debutante: The Movie and this is some of the previously unseen footage from that shoot.

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