The Love We Live

Released at: June 23, 2020 by Dane Jones
The weather might be getting chilly, but the sparks of romance between big titted Latina Cristina Miller and stud extraordinaire Thomas are heating up! Walking arm and arm through the forest, the horny couple can barely keep it wholesome, and it isn't long before Thomas is sucking Cristina's big natural boobs and grabbing handfuls of her booty. Heading deeper into the forest, they continue fooling around until Cristina finds the perfect spot to suck Thomas's dick. Turned on, the couple rushes home where Thomas shoves his cock back into Cristina's wanting mouth, then fucks her with the passion of a man in love. As they both come closer to climax, Thomas feels Cristina's orgasm, then pulls out and cums on her tight pussy.

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Lady Dee

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