The House Call

Released at: September 27, 2019 by Kelly Payne
As one of the leading amateur-pro adult movie companies in the industry, these titles will leave your body tingling with desire to turn a fantasy into reality! This title will do exactly that! Part 5 of my enema series. You have seen my last 4 videos where Annie gets her ass gets spanked, filled, reamed, fingered and fucked. Now see what happens when the doctor makes a house call! In this video Annie is feeling sick, so Dr. Payne makes a house call. She brings her assistant nurse Erika along in case she needs some help. Annie needs some special attention. Her stomach hurts and her ass needs stretching. She is given a thorough exam. When the Dr. tells her to turn over because she needs to give her a rectal exam and a rectal temperature taking, Annie gets fresh and refuses to do what she is told. So the Dr. turns her over her knee and gives her a good sound spanking on her bare bottom. She then gets her temperature taken and a good deep rectal exam. She is also given a couple of enemas and her ass is stretched out with inflatable butt plugs and dildos. Dr. Payne's assistant thinks it is best if while Annie is given the enema her ass is reamed deep and hard with a long dildo shaped nozzle. Nurse Erika puts on a large strap-on on and and fucks her ass once again with long hard, deep strokes in every position. A special nozzle Dr. Payne had made up just for this. A long dildo shaped nozzle 8 inches long by 1" in diameter which hooks up to the hose on her 2 quart enema bag. After Nurse Erika gives her ass a good fucking and the enema bag is empty she is made to hold it. Her ass is once again stretched out with large butt plugs and the last is left in for the night. This is one video not to be missed.

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