The Girls Of Ball Street

Released at: August 2, 2009 by Antigua Pictures
Linda is your guide to "suburban perversion" and the first scene on the kitchen counter is with Annie and John. Annie starts to write a little love note to her hubby as he walks in and states "I don't smell anything cooking, I'm starved". She hop's on the kitchen counter. Guess what she's the meal! Our next couple is a couple that has to be a bit sneaky. There's a nice money shot on the sexy blonde's ass. The third scene has our guide Linda and she surprise's Mike, the new neighbor as he's looking at a porn magazine. So she welcomes him to the neighborhood in and around his pool by blowin' him and fuckin' him. Brads at it again, next with another hot blonde who locked herself out of her house. He helps her get in and seduces her in the bedroom. Wait till you see the tits on the brunette in scene five as she instructs the young stud that the weight machine is broken and needs fixing. She seduces him and boy does he fuck those big tits! Then there's Samantha who walks into the neighbor's house because she wants to be taught the card game of poker. And he pokes her of course, right in her beautiful pussy.

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Scene1: 00:02:15 - 00:13:29 (11:14)


Scene2: 00:13:30 - 00:24:51 (11:21)

Scene3: 00:24:52 - 00:34:15 (9:23)


Ron Jeremy

Scene4: 00:34:16 - 00:46:35 (12:19)

Scene5: 00:46:36 - 00:58:12 (11:36)


Scene6: 00:58:13 - 01:09:13 (11:00)