The Bodyguard

Released at: June 19, 2022 by VRBangers
Okay, our latest UHD VR porn video will lead you through a Hollywood-like story right next to one of the hottest teen VR porn stars, Gianna Dior - and we promise you that! The Bodyguard is the brand-new release from on behalf of which you will become the bodyguard of the abovementioned VR porn model with small tits - and today you will escort her back home after her business trip, where her longing husband should be waiting for her. The point is, though, that even though the husband will indeed be waiting for our sexy girl - he will be there with another vixen, screwing her over and being an unfaithful dog! And what now? Gianna is upset and she doesn't know what to do - she had no idea that this asshole is cheating on her, and she even brought herself a nice set of sexy lingerie for tonight to make him a surprise... pity if it would go to waste, eh? It doesn't have to - and that's the point of this new VR sex experience! It is all since the hot babe is now looking for revenge - and since you've been standing by her for all these years, she trusts you and knows that she can count on you no matter what. What an unexpected perk of being a loyal worker for all these years, right? Wear your VR goggles to join Gianna Dior and show her that you can be there for her no matter what - and become the tool of her vengeance thanks to which she will feel much, much better. Just make sure that her husband won't catch you two banging, as the girl still has to win the divorce case in the court and she would have been screwed if he found you having sex!

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