The Babysitter 25

Released at: October 10, 2006 by Notorious Productions
Evelyn had read scary stories all night to the kid asleep. Hope she doesn't have nightmares, Evelyn thought. But look who's having the scary thoughts now. Is there really a monster in the hallway? And why is his penis so big and hard? Mr. Knight was quite enamored with the young, little redhead who had babysat his kids that afternoon. He was dying to see what that sweet little pussy must look like. Dare he proposition his sitter? What the fuck, you only live once. Vanessa was warned not to have friends over while she was working. And especially no boys or alcohol. Why can't these young girls ever learn? And let's hope these little sluts never do, as it's an ass fucking, cock sucking time for all. What a naughty little sister. Being involved in an extortion scheme. But what fun! Being able to fuck and get paid for it. Just thinking about the terrible things she did made her pussy so horny. She's been a bad girl and needs an ass fucking.

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Evelyn Lin