Teeny Tanya 2

Released at: March 18, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
"I Want a Happy Ending" featuring Teeny Tanya & Rodney Moore - Very tiny, Teeny Tanya comes over to Rodney's Massage and Wellness to try him out as her new masseuse. She is super cute and about a third of the size of Rodney's height. Rodney cues his music and gets his oils going and dives into massaging her luscious little body. He does the back of her body, then tells her to turn over. She says wait you haven't massaged my butt yet! Rodney is surprised and says he NEVER massages the butt area, it is unprofessional! She insists. He does it and then tries to move on. She says wait you didn't rub my breasts. Rodney is shocked but he does it anyway. He rubs Teeny's round soft breasts. Now she wants a happy ending. Rodney says this isn't that kinda place, but soon it is because he is rubbing her teeny clit and licking her pussy just to make her happy. She wants to know if fucking her would make him happy, he thinks hard and fast and says yes! Then he fucks her just as fast and hard to make her happy. She opens her legs wide for him and loves it. She sucks her pussy juice off of his cock and then decides they both should have a happy ending. They come together and he cums all over her little pulsing pussy slit and proclaims she is definitely cumming back!

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