Teaching My Step-Sister: Nose Play With Pantyhose

Released at: November 13, 2022 by The Kaiia Eve Productions
Step-sisters Kaiia and Nikki show off their noses for you. I teach Nikki exactly how you like it. I show Nikki how to get multiple fingers inside her nostrils, and I pick a few boogers out while teaching her how to stretch her fingers inside her nose holes. I show her how much you like to see a piggy nose & viewing the nose from all different angles while stretching my fingers in it. I show Nikki how to drag her nose across the plastic so you can see our nostrils all enlarged so you can see inside. You love being able to see inside our nose holes. To finish it off, I take pantyhose, and we put a leg on each of our heads. We have to go out to my kitchen so we can run opposite directions as each other so you can see the way the nylon stretches out over our noses.

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