Teacher's Exam Meeting

Released at: July 28, 2009 by RGE-Films
  • Studio Rge-films
  • Duration 00:57:00
  • Production year 2004
  • Scene count 5
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Have you ever wondered what is going on inside the heads of beautiful, young girls who are awaiting their punishment? Of course you have! Sometimes, the mere atmosphere of fear and expectation of what is to come is a unique experience for the viewer. And it's even better when the expectation is actually fulfilled with splendid beating with all that belongs to it. And it is you, the viewers who love spanking movies filled with girls' fear, tears and horror of pain, for whom the new work of Lupus Pictures production "The School Colloquium" was made. Let's take a look at the story itself. We're in a school - perhaps at some time in the 30's. A female student in a school uniform is sitting in the anteroom of a headmaster's office. She's going through her own personal hell as she's listening to the screams and cries of her punished class-mate, coming from inside. Without doubt, she's imagining the cane coming down on a naked bottom and - oh dear! - in no time she'll be in her place. Then it will be her cries that will scare other students. And those are coming now. Wretched, unfortunate girls. They, too, come to join the agonizing anticipation. The lashes and screams eventually stop and the poor girl walks out the door. With tears running down her face, she describes her experience and then shows her butt. Taking a look at it makes the girls gasp. A young teacher comes for the next candidate for a painful lesson. We'll follow the student inside, but first we'll spend some time watching the frightened girls. How anxiously they listen to the muffed sounds behind the closed door. The horror when they hear the sentence of punishment. And the chaos and dread at the first whiz of the cane and the first cry! We're in the office now. A student with her butt exposed is bent down over a large headmaster's desk. She just received her first lash, a first red strip with characteristic lining decorates the naked girl's behind, a first tear is glistening in her pain-struck face. The strict schoolman marches across the room, followed with the submissive looks of other teachers. Yes, headmaster himself is the executor of punishments in this school. A very large, uncompromising man, a frightening figure. Eleven more times the tool comes down on the bare behind. And the same number of desperate sobs from the righteously punished girl. The last two students' punishment is particularly severe. After all, they misbehaved very badly and their class-mate was seriously injured in consequence. He will be present when they are punished, and one must say, the boy is really looking forward to their tease, to watching them suffer, to the satisfaction that their fate would bring him. And the decision is made. Extraordinary misdeed is awarded by extraordinary punishment - the usual dozen whacks would be doubled. One of the poor girls pisses her pants with fright. What a shame! Even before then, they had to suffer several stinging hits of a thin cane on their palms... And then come the severe beatings of both guilty girls. In front of the entire teaching staff, they are beaten, they weep and cry out with pain. This time, you'll not only be able to watch the tormented butts in great detail - but also their faces, eloquently expressing the suffering that they are going through. And at the same time, their humiliation in front of a spiteful class-mate - that can break even the proudest and most stiff-necked. And when they, kneeling on the floor, beg the boy for forgiveness for their wicked deed, hardly anyone wouldn't feel at least a little pity for them. Certainly they'll be more careful next time. The colloquium is over, the teachers go after their duties. And the strict headmaster? Perhaps he will spend some time recalling in his mind the things that happened on the oaken board of his writing-desk... This time we don't expect to find a single fan of spanking movies in the world who wouldn't be touched by the movie "The School Colloquium" - you will certainly enjoy our newest production to the fullest. We wish you pleasant visual experience. Needless to say, the entire piece is of excellent picture and sound quality - but with Lupus Pictures movies, surely you've become used to that!

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