Taste of Cherry, A

Released at: May 31, 2001 by VCX
Tracy (Tish Ambrose), Debbie (Tess Ferre) and Ginger (Beverly Glenn) are all eager to find out what adult sex is all about. They can't wait to experience their first uninhibited relationship, and there are plenty of eager virile young boys around ready to break them in. Debbie is the first one to take the plunge, and when she leaves the house a girls and returns a full-fledged woman, her friends and hardly wait to hear what it was like. Tracy gets the intimate details first since she and Debbie room together. Debbie also tells Tracy what it is now her turn to find out for herself what it's all about. Debbie and Ginger take their turns at exploring this new erotic world. But poor Ginger has been having the roughest time of all. The only man for her just happens to be her biology professor, Mr. Abrams (Dan T. Mann). To complicate matters, Mr. Abrams is very much married to the sexy Patti (Tantala Ray), luckily for all concerned, Pattie comes up with a solution that will satisfy all three of them.

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