Taboo Tales Volume 33

Released at: June 11, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - A Daughter Scorned Kimmy was raised by her dad. Her mother left them to live it up and party. Kimmy did not like her daddy dating, but he did have needs. He was careful not to bring women home because he knew Kimmy did not like it. She was afraid they would steal him from her. Her dad went out on a date with a woman and brought her to the house. Kimmy was pissed. The woman was dressed like a slut with her tits hanging out of a skin tight top. Kimmy gave her dad a look. He introduced them but Kimmy was rude. Brian told her he wanted to show his date something in the office. The woman had been drinking and was hanging all over her dad. They went to the office and closed the door. Kimmy flipped through a magazine for an hour or so. Furious they were still in the office with the door closed she went to listen. She heard the woman moaning and kissing her daddy. It made her sick. Inside the office the woman was on her knees sucking his cock. She asked him if they could go to the bedroom and fuck but he did not want to upset his daughter. She sucked his cock hard and he came in her mouth for relief until they could meet the next day for a good fuck. They came out and the woman was wiping cum off her lips. Kimmy was disgusted. The woman laughed subtly at Kimmy and gave Brian a squeeze. When she was gone daddy sat with Kimmy and told her he had needs, she will always be his girl and no other woman would change that. Kimmy knew she would lose him to these sluts so she took her shirt off and asked him if he thought her tits were nice. He was shocked but stayed calm and told her she was a beauty. She took off her shorts and showed him her panties; he said she was very sexy. She took off her panties and showed her pussy. Daddy got hard; he did not realize how cute Kimmy was. She grabbed his cock and began to suck him. He wanted to stop her but he knew she would freak out. He let her suck him and began to enjoy her enthusiasm. He lay her down and spread her legs open. He fingered her with two fingers until she was clutching the couch in orgasmic heaven. He slid down and buried his face in her crotch licking her little wet pussy. She wanted her daddy. After her first orgasm he pulled her to the edge and fucked his little girl. She moaned out his name, telling him to fuck her. He pulled out and slid two fingers into her sloppy pussy bringing her to another orgasm. He sat down and she sucked his cock until he came on his daughter's pretty little face. He promised her she was the only woman in his life and things would change. Scene 2 - Our Nephews Summer Experience Rachel and her sister Joey had Jeremy for 6 weeks. His mother was very strict with him and did not want him to stay alone while she was away. Jeremy was sheltered from his upbringing. Rachel and Joey was hot single woman with open minds. They loved their nephew and were concerned for him. Rachel found out that he was still not interested in girls. He was 20! Rachel asked him why he did not want to party and have girls while mother was away. He said he was nervous and did not have any experience, mother did not approve off girlfriends. Rachel and her sister decided to teach him. Rachel went to him first and told him he was a good looking young man and he should be having fun. She began to stroke his lap. He got very nervous. Rachel assured him she loved him and this was in his best interest. Joey came in and sat next to him, he was embarrassed. They took his pants down and began sucking his cock. Rachel opened her shirt and put her tits in his mouth. He reluctantly sucked her huge tits he had always wanted to. Rachel sat back and opened her legs, she was not wearing panties. She took his hand and put it on her pussy, he slid a finger in to feel how wet and warm it was. Rachel reacted by moaning he was startled. She came, and he did not know why. The Aunts sucked and jerked their young nephew off until he was ready to cum; Rachel let him cum in her mouth. She swallowed it in front of him. They told him this was just the beginning; they had 6 weeks to teach him everything a man should know. Scene 3 - Rub it for Daddy Kimmy's dad was injured on the job and laid up in bed. Kimmy loved her dad and took care of him. Her mother had divorced him to be with younger men. Kimmy wanted dad to be happy. She came in to check on him and rub his leg. As she massaged him she saw his cock was erect. Kimmy asked if she could rub it, he was reluctant but his little girl did that to him. She took his cock out and began to suck on it. He felt so good having her do that. His ex wife never did. Kimmy sucked and stroked her dad until he blasted his load all over her sweet face.

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