Taboo Tales Volume 22

Released at: June 4, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Mom, I Must Have You! Anthony had a huge crush on his mother. Rachel could tell. She was a conservative mom and tried to keep him at bay. Rachel was in her robe and sipping wine with Anthony. He kept rubbing her leg and stroking her silky robe. Rachel brushed his hand off and told him it was inappropriate. She was tired and did not feel well. He said he could make her feel better. Rachel felt the wine hit her and went off to bed. Anthony waited a few minutes and went to her room. He wanted to see how she felt. Rachel told him to call the doctor, she felt strange from the wine. He saw she was a bit off and took a chance. Anthony straddled her and took off his shorts. Rachel saw her son's huge hard cock in her face. Before she could say a word he gently slipped it in her mouth. Rachel looked up at him but sucked his cock any way. Anthony kissed her neck and caressed her breasts. Rachel moaned in pleasure. Anthony wanted his mother so bad. He slid his cock inside her. Rachel's eyes opened wide when she realized her son was making love to her, but he felt so good. She clutched at his back and pulled him closer. They made love hard and passionate. Anthony was ready to cum so he pulled his cock out and came in his mother's mouth. Rachel sat up and the huge load dripped out onto her breasts. She told him he better go. When he kissed her good night and left, Rachel realized she really liked what happened. Scene 2 - The (Fucking) Family Rachel and her son Philip have been having sex for years. They thought everyone was asleep and began to fuck. Rachel's daughter Paige heard noises and went to see. She saw her mother riding her brother and snuck a picture to show dad. Paige was upset; she showed her father the picture. He was not surprised; Rachel and he had slept in separate rooms for years. That was because Rachel had sexual desire only for her son. Brian (dad) held his daughter to comfort her. They began to feel a closeness they had never felt before. Dad began to caress his daughter's body. She felt a sexual urge to please him. He gently pulled her strap off her shoulder and sucked her nipple. Paige closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Daddy pulled his cock out and asked his daughter if she wanted it, she did. Paige sucked her father. Brian pulled her pajamas off and got her on top of him slowly sliding his cock in his daughter. Paige really loved the way her father's cock felt; it was so big and thick. Rachel and her son had finished, she came out for some water and caught them on the couch fucking. Rachel was actually relieved as the secret was out. She told them to bring it in the bedroom. The family took turns sucking and fucking away. It was quite the orgy. Daddy fucked Paige until she came. Rachel encouraged her to cum. Phillip enjoyed as his mother sucked his whole cock. Rachel fucked her son as dad fucked his daughter. They switched off and brother and sister fucked while mom and dad fucked. In the conclusion, dad came all over Rachel's tits watching his kids fuck and sucks. Rachel with cum all over her; reached over to jerk her son and suck him off with her daughter. Dad told his son to shoot his cum all over mom and sister. Phillip shot it on his sister's tits. They all kissed and Mom and Dad felt the relationship was healed. Scene 3 - Milk Him Watch Rachel and her roommate Joey compete for this cock. Rachel brought a date home and Joey took the liberty of getting him started while Rachel freshened up. Rachel returned and caught Joey, but it did not surprise her. The competition is on! Who will milk this poor sucker first?

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