Taboo Tales Volume 106

Released at: December 6, 2016 by Red MILF Productions
**Scene 1: My Brother, My Bitch** Katie comes home early from her job as a dominatrix. She still wears her outfit. Finding her brother Nito asleep on her bed, she wakes him up and tells him to get lost. Nito notices her outfit and keeps asking why she is wearing it. Exasperated, Katie decides to SHOW her brother why. She climbs onto her bed and proceeds to dominate him. **Scene 2: Mother's Sacrifices** Rachel struggled to pay the bills after her husband passed away. Reluctantly she became an escort working from home. One day her son came back earlier than expected and spied on her having sex with a sleazy client. She clearly was not enjoying herself. To make matters worse, the client paid her less than she had asked. Later, Rachel was trying to forget the encounter when her son approached and told her that he had seen everything that took place. The mother had no choice but to come clean. She told her son that she was only being an escort to provide him with the best opportunities in life. Her son was very touched by this. He was also turned on by the sight of his mom in such a revealing dress. Suddenly he wanted to become her man. After declaring that he would take care of her so that she no longer had to be an escort, he lunged forward and kissed her on the mouth. Rachel was startled. But her body reacted favorably. Soon she was opening her dress so that her son could fondle and suckle on her breasts. She then slid her panties off, parted her legs wide, and invited him to lick her exposed pussy. Further foreplay followed in Rachel's room. There she sucked hungrily on her son's cock while in the sixty-nine position with him. Hot on the heels of that came a passionate missionary style fuck that ended with Rachel taking her son's cum inside of her even as she had an orgasm around his plunging cock. Afterwards, the taboo twosome lay cuddling each other in happy exhaustion. Everything was different now. Rachel's son had shown he could be the man of the house. She knew she could rely on him in the future, and never have to work as a prostitute again. **Scene 3: Mother's Dirty Dream** Rachel lived alone with her son Michael. The pair was very close. One evening she snuggled up with him on the couch as they watched a horror movie. The gore made Rachel squeamish and often caused to her hug her son for comfort. When the movie was over, she kissed him goodnight and got up. She intended to put some laundry away before retiring to bed. For his own part Michael decided to do a workout in his room. Because his door was left open, Rachel glimpsed him as she came along carrying her laundry basket. What she saw caused her to gasp and stop in her tracks. A powerful forbidden excitement filled her as she drank in the stirring sight of her son stripped to his shorts, glistening with sweat, muscles bulging as he pumped iron. Quickly taking up a hiding place before she could be seen, Rachel proceeded to watch him in fascinated admiration. Meanwhile, her hand drifted down to her pussy and began rubbing it. She sighed guiltily as she did so, but she wasn't able to stop herself. Later, in bed, she struggled to get to sleep. Again and again she tossed from side to side. Her body seethed with need within her tight, revealing nightie. Although she could not admit it, it was memories of her son's sexiness that kept her awake. Finally, however, sleep came to her. With it came a vivid dream of secret and forbidden wish-fulfillment. It started out with Rachel lying in her bed, just as she was in reality. Suddenly her son came in. All he wore was his shorts. No words were uttered. He simply stepped up to the bed and pulled the sheets away from Rachel. Her outfit was now revealed to be red lingerie, garters, stockings and heels. As Michael seized her like a hungry lover, she welcomed him with a passionate embrace of her own. In next to no time, mother and son were sharing a steamy French-kiss, their hands roving over each other's bodies. Rachel then lay back, legs parted wide, offering her naked pussy for Michael to explore and pleasure with his fingers. For a long time the pair enjoyed their varied foreplay. At one point Rachel straddled her son's lap and smothered his face with kisses while he fondled and licked her breasts and suckled their nipples. Last of all, Rachel dreamed of Michael sliding his cock into her pussy and sending her into ecstasy with a long and expert missionary-style fucking. He sealed the taboo encounter by shooting ribbons of cum all her stomach and chest. Shortly after, when Rachel awoke, she felt confused and guilty. She could hardly believe what she had dreamed. Getting out of bed, she headed to Michael's room and looked in. He was still working out. Blushing, she asked him if he had been there the whole time. Michael assured her that he had. But Rachel wondered. The dream had seemed so real.

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