Taboo Amateurs - Mother And Son Fantasies

Released at: July 20, 2016 by XXX Multimedia
Mommy is fixing her son's bed, when she notices something underneath it?his whole stash of porn magazines! She begins pulling them out, and setting them on the bed. She sees tons of Playboy magazines, and isn't bothered by them, until she comes across a few magazines that she is unfamiliar with. Mommy starts to look at them, as she is on the floor, but becomes more and more disturbed as she flips through the pages. One is titled "Virgins," and she questions her son's intentions, but continues to go through each of the unknown magazines. They become dirtier, as she notices older women, piercings, bondage, pee, and CBT. She is outraged, disgusted, and horrified, as she claims that this type of material is completely unacceptable. As she is sitting on the bed flipping through the pages, her son walks in, and is shocked to find his mom looking at his porn. He immediately turns around to walk back out of the room, but is stopped, as his mom demands that he return to talk with her. Mommy tells her son that it's just not normal to be jerking to this kind of material, as she shows him the pictures in the magazine. "Honey, look at this?you know, she's peeing in a glass! And you've been jerking off to this? Honey, this is disturbing. Shemales? Really? This is what you're into?" She continues to rant about the different types of "unacceptable" behavior in the magazine?telling her son that she refuses to have him grow up to be a filthy, disgusting pervert. "I mean, if these pictures aren't doing it for you, and you're getting filthier and filthier, then you know, I'm afraid what will happen next. I really am, and so that's why I'm going to help you out. We're going to start with the basics." Mommy gets on top of the bed, and tells her son that they are going to start simple, since she knows that he likes a woman's body. She takes off her clothes, stripping for him, and telling him that his lack of real stimulation is probably the reason for his crazy magazines. "Look, this has to get your dick hard, honey." She rubs her naked body all over his magazines, and tells him to get on the bed. Mommy notices that he has a hard-on, tells her son to take off his pants, and begins to stroke his cock with her hand. "You don't have to look at these filthy magazines...Mommy's here to help you, okay?" After a while of stroking her son's cock, he tells her that he doesn't think that it's working. "Well, Mommy will do whatever she can to keep you away from all these terrible things." She tells her son to get on top of her, and to fuck her. "Mommy wants you to fuck her really good, okay?" He puts his cock inside of her, and she begins to moan from pleasure. He thrusts his cock inside of her, and she pants from ecstasy, as she praises him. She finally tells him to cum all over her chest, and he squirts his load all over it. "See, you don't need all those dirty, filthy magazines?you just need your Mommy."

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