Swingers Party 14: "Swinging Bi Couples"

Released at: November 29, 2010 by Trix Video
We invited BI COUPLES ONLY to stay the weekend and what they did was AWESOME!!! Girls fucked the guys, fucked each other and the BOYS, not to be out done, sucked cock alongside the girls and they swallowed down just as much cum as anyone! You'll see fucking in every room of the house and even a game of PUSSY POOL was played where the girls got not only pool balls but the guys balls too! Everyone is fucking everyone else and if the guy felt like a cock down his throat, everybody was more willing to watch and/or join in just as long as they got to share all the cum! This film is unedited and you'll see the party just as it happened and NOTHING was cut or omitted! It's a good one that is if you like seeing the husbands swallow and share loads with their wives!!! The girls are young, just 18 (except for Terri who's a female body builder) and oh yeah, she LOVES her pussy eaten and she loves eating the teen girls out too! Check it out and you will NOT be disappointed at ALL! Running time is 90 minutes of fast and furious fucking sucking, swallowing and MORE!

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