Sweetback: Young, Budding Booty's

Released at: March 17, 2004 by Rosebud
If you Luv Sweet Meat & Juicy Booty, then don't miss out on this HOT NEW Joint by Mr. J. Handsome... In this, his hot new romp through the world of sweet young ass, Mr. J. Handsome provides the audience with some of the HOTTEST, FRESHEST, SWEETEST BIG BOOTY HONEY'S AROUND!! And what's more, these sweet asses know how to pull every bit of cum cream from those hard cocks after a very serious pounding. Yeah, you better believe these "girl next door" types really can throw that ass around and leave you painting for more!! So if you're feelin' "BIG BUTT BONANZA" by Bedtime Productions, then Playa, you're gonna just luv "SWEETBACK: YOUNG, BUDDING BOOTY'S"!!!

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